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4Sight Technology’s 4BOS increases operational efficiency by automating multiple back-office functions in a single, integrated, open platform.

In corporate sector, the back-office administration function provides the backbone for the work flow across departments and maintain a competitive advantage through cost and internal resource management. However, key to maintaining an efficient back-office team is providing the tools and the process to deliver that.

Although most organizations have excellent ERP or Finance Management solutions, there are key tasks within the administration area which are often missed or not integrated completely. 4BOS has been designed to provide a simple web-based solution to all administration tasks. From purchase to payment, facility management to manpower, contracts management and insurance, 4BOS cuts process time and costs in any administration department.

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4BOS is composed of sixteen modules each designed to handle a specific operation. 4BOS’s mdules are fully integrated, so transaction time is minimized, entering information is never duplicated and is automatically updated and captured according to the specifications entered.

Create your Organization zone, branches & cost centres along with User access to screens & reports and set the business parameters. Approval matrix is maintained in this module. Create all types of master like Vendor, currency etc.. in this module. Allows the employees of the Organization to sent request like asset, service, consumable etc. Status of the employee request is automatically updated based on the progress made. Approvals can be implemented

The complete procurement process is automated to enable the purchase department to handle purchases hassle free. Purchase requests can be sent for approval to the authorized personnel. Enquiries can be sent to the suppliers and the quotes can be updated to perform analysis. Based on quotations, the selected supplier can be issued a PO through the system. Items can be received and invoice details can be entered in this module. Inventory is automatically updated once goods receipt note is done. Tags are generated for the assets that have been acquired. The invoices can then be forwarded to the finance department for booking expenses and processing payments.

Consumables management module allows the user to create and manage the inventory. The inventory in the organization can be divided into category and sub category to ease the selection of the consumables by the requesters. The transfer of the requested consumables can be done in this module. Various screens are available to check the stock status at any level in the organization. Relevant reports can be printed to check the transfers and the stock.

The assets can be categorized in three levels and the rate of depreciation can be set to any level based on the organization policy. Also Depreciation rate can be allocated on percentage basis to various cost centers sharing a particular asset. Depreciation process can be done at any level of the asset category for a given date range. Fixed Asset Register report can be generated to know the status of Assets (including book value, accumulated depreciation, location of the asset etc.) While acquiring the assets barcodes can be generated using a third party hardware and tagged to the assets for easy tracking. Transfer of Assets can be done based on user request or Assets can be transferred directly by the Management from one location to another. Depreciation cost will automatically be debited to the transferred location. Assets that have reached zero book value can be scraped or written off using the asset disposal process

Keep track of your Lease Contracts, License Invoice based Contracts, General Contracts, AMC's and Open Contracts. This module maintains the details of contracts awarded to various suppliers, landlords and service providers to help you make informed decisions when preparing or renewing contracts. Payment schedules for contracts can be specified for each contract. Amortization details for each cost center can be entered for each contract. Reminders to concerned personnel can be sent at a user specified day prior to the contract expiry.On the scheduled dates when payments and amortization amounts are due to be cleared, the records can be sent to the finance department for payment. Open contracts can be processed for regular purchases location-wise. Delivery request can be raised and sent to the suppliers. The deliverables can be captured and invoices can be raised separately for the open contracts. The invoices can be sent to finance for payments

This module automatically tracks the movement of couriers between departments and branches for larger organizations. This module is of tremendous help to employees for sending important papers to other departments and branches

Petty Cash Claims can be raised by an employee through this module. Original bill details can be entered into the system. The claims can be categorized into different claim types for the management to know the expenses under each claim. These claims can be sent for approval to the authorized personnel. The requester can keep a track of the status of his request. Claims that have been approved can then be sent for payments.

Utility expenses management module allows the User to make payment for any admin related expense like Telephone Bills, Mobile Bills or electricity charges etc. The cost can be segregated based on the budget of each department and can be attached to each cost center depending on the Budget allocated to the department or to the Organization depending up on the Organization policy. Optionally, facility can be provided to scan the Etisalat bills thereby minimizing the time for data entry. The Bills received in a soft copy from Etisalat can be imported depending upon the format and can be integrated with the application thereby saving time and one consolidated report for each department can be generated.

Fleet management allows the user to maintain their fleet. The user can maintain individual vehicle information like registration details, insurance details, warranty details etc. Fuel consumption of a vehicle during a time period can be tracked. The driver information including his license number can be maintained. Service Job card for a vehicle showing the services done on the vehicle and the cost of the service can be maintained. The vehicles can be provided to the staff for the required time period and received back with the details of the accidents or fines if any.

  • Budget Tracking
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Visa & Passport Tracking
  • Accounts Payable
  • Project Supervision
  • Real Estate Management
  • Staff Reimbursement
  • Staff Travel Management
  • Document Tracking


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